Puppy Mill Awareness Day: Adopt, Don’t Shop!

Since 2004, the 3rd Saturday of September is National Puppy Mill Awareness Day!  Cities throughout the United States will be hosting events on September 21st highlighting the critical need to end all inhumane commercial dog breeding facilities known as puppy mills or puppy farms.  The Ugly Facts According to The Humane Society of the United States Read More >

Why pregnancy and kitty litter don’t mix

woman and cat

You may have heard the common wisdom that proclaims, “Pregnant woman should not scoop the litter box,” but have you ever wondered why that is? It all has to do with an illness caused by certain single-celled organism, which is known as toxoplasmosis. What is toxoplasmosis? The parasite that causes toxoplasmosis is scientifically known as Read More >

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