Other Services

Other Services



Insulin administration is $2 pet treatment. Sub-Q and Inhaler is $10 per administration.
We have experienced staff that can administer medication through injections and inhalers/nebulizers as well as provide sub-q fluids.

litterbox care

Litter Box Care

$15 per visit (Stand Alone Service)
Litter boxes can be a messy business and we can help keep your cat and home happy and clean. KUH handles all aspects of litter cleanup, from throwing out the old to sweeping around the areas to replacing with fresh litter: and you don’t have to leave your boxes outside for us. You customize the frequency, and services, from scooping to replacing litter to complete litter box replacement, and we never ask you to carry your dirty litter or old litter box outside. We offer a discount for multiple visits per week.



$10 plus cost of items purchased
We are happy to run by the store if you run out of food, litter, pet medications or other pet supplies while you are out of town, or if you just don’t have time. We will shop from your list and/or pick up your pet’s food, medications or other supplies from the pet store or vet’s office. We charge a shopping fee, plus the cost of items purchased.

pet taxi


25 for the first 7-miles and then $1.50 per mile thereafter. Rates are per one-way trip.
Kim’s Urban Hounds offers Pet Taxi service within a 7-mile radius. Grooming appointments; canine massage therapy; a trip to and from the vet, day care; you name it, we’ll pick your pets up and/or drop them off safely. No need to rush from work or take the day off. If your pet needs a little moral support or comfort during these visits, we’re happy to lend support there as well. We’ll gladly sit with them and hold their paw through it all. Further distances available at $1.50 per mile.

doggy daycare

DOGGIE DAYCARE – $20 per Pet

We can keep your little one happy with us for the day until you return from your vacation or business trip. They can romp and roam around your sitter’s home and enjoy the company of others.

house checks


House Checks: $15 per check. Our insurance policy requires that no pets can be in the home for this service.
Even if you have no pets or your pets are traveling with you, we can help! We provide daily security checks and preserve a lived-in look for your home while you are away. Or do you have a large house and need a security check while you are out of town. Some of our pet care specialists have “a green thumb” and are skilled to do watering of indoor/outdoor plants. The security of your home and the care of your indoor and outdoor plants are in good hands with us!

holiday visits

Holiday Visits

Holidays are our busiest times of the year. We compensate our pet sitters a little more during these times for putting in the extra effort and foregoing their vacation to another “off peak” time. A $10 holiday charge is assessed for each visit of the following days:

  • New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day
  • Easter
  • Memorial Day and Weekend
  • Independence Day and Weekend
  • Labor Day and Weekend
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day and Day After
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day