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Cat and Small Pets

Who gives a more satisfying head-bump than your best friend’s fist-bump, can melt away the way the stress of the day with healing purrs and kneading paws, and cuddles close to your face at night (or possibly in a box, but never in the brand-new pet bed)? We’re talking about your cat! It’s your kitty’s quirks that keep your home feeling fuzzy and warm. Needless to say, your house just isn’t a home without your cat. But what do you do when you must leave your cat at home alone?

KUH will tend to your furry (or feathered) best friend while you are away from home. Each visit includes feeding, playtime, litter box (or cage) cleaning and lots of snuggle time.

Cat and a Hamster

Cat and a Lizard

Ferret on a leash

Why hire a professional cat sitter?

Safety: If a health issue were to arise, your cat has the best chance of recovery if the issue is discovered within 24-hours. Also, cats are curious by nature and may become trapped in a cabinet or closet and be away from food, water and litter boxes for an extended period of time.

Well-being: Most cats need daily exercise to keep them fit and with proper weight. Having dedicated playtime with your cat will give them the physical exercise and mental stimulation to keep them healthy and happy. Having a good session of running, jumping and chasing will help ensure they don’t get into mischief the remainder of the day. Senior cats who may not be as enthusiastic about playtime will usually enjoy cuddle time, chin scratches and brushing.

Cats need mental stimulation: Leaving your cat alone for long hours or days at a time can be detrimental to not only his physical healthy but his mental health and can result in health problems and undesirable behaviors. Some characteristics of an under stimulated cat can include: over or under eating, self-mutilation, anxiety, over grooming, and aggression!

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