7 Reasons to Clear the Shelters in Fairfax Virginia!

Join the nationwide pet adoption campaign to “Clear the Shelters” this Saturday, August 17th!

Each year, approximately 6 million cats and dogs (including purebreds) enter American shelters according to PETA. Most of these animals are not “bad” animals, they’ve just had “bad luck.”

Clear the Shelters: The Success Rate

Over the past 5 years, rescues and shelters across America and Puerto Rico have waived or reduced pet adoption fees to find new homes for homeless pets during the annual Clear the Shelters campaign. From dogs to cats, rabbits to guinea pigs and even birds have found new beginnings. In fact, homes for over 255,529 homeless pets have been found during this one-day event since its inception!

Last year’s event alone helped over 100,000 animals find new homes through the 1,200 shelters and rescues who participated.

This year, 1,400 shelters (in 160 NBCUniversal and Telemundo-owned TV station markets) are registered to participate; including the very first animal shelter in the United States, the Women’s Animal Center or WAC in Philadelphia founded in 1869!

Clear the Shelters: NOT Just for Animals

Yes, giving a homeless pet a new lease on life is priceless! But, adopting a pet benefits the adopter perhaps even more!

Consider this heartwarming story.

A year ago, Bailey, a long-haired Chihuahua puppy mix, was adopted at the Clear the Shelters event after being a stray in Huntington Beach, California. For a former Marine helicopter gunner and his wife Joann, Bailey is paying it back in spades to her new family.

Along with 2 other rescue pups in their home, Bailey offers emotional support to veteran Don Winderman. “They sense when you’re not feeling good,” he said. “It just isn’t about saving their life, it’s also about what that animal gives its owner,” Don explains. “The love that these dogs give you is worth it.”

ADOPT … Not Shop

Not sure if YOU should adopt a homeless pet? Make a real difference with the 7 reasons below!

  1. When you adopt a shelter or rescue pet, you save two lives. The pet that has found a new home and the new one that will take its place.
  2. When you buy a pet from a pet store, you are supporting inhumane puppy mills focused only on profit.
  3. Your tax dollars are used to impound, shelter, euthanize and dispose of millions of homeless animals each year.
  4. Rescue dogs are usually house trained and have some basic training.
  5. Vaccinations, micro-chipping and spaying or neutering are usually included in your adoption fee.
  6. Most people do not want an over-priced purebred dog from a breeder. Especially when millions of pets (even purebreds) are looking for their fur-ever home.
  7. Adopting a homeless pet saves them from an uncertain future and potential euthanasia. (According to the ASPCA, approximately 1.5 million animals are euthanized each year – 860,000 cats and 670,000 dogs.)

Clear the Shelters, Saturday, August 17th!


Looking to adopt your new best friend this year in the Fairfax Virginia area?

Below are the Fairfax area organizations participating in this year’s campaign:

Pets Bring Joy of Northern Virginia

Fancy Cats & Dogs Rescue Team

Wolf Trap Animal Rescue

 Fairfax County Animal Shelter

Homeward Trails Adoption Center

For questions or more ways you can help the Clear the Shelters 2019 event, contact your local participating shelter or rescue using this map!


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